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Industrial equipment for bread and pizza

Alitech is a leading Italian bakery equipment manufacturer that supplies worldwide its tunnel ovens, automatic proofers and complete baking lines (together with internally developed software, conveying and forming machines) for production of bread, pizza and all baked goods.

The choice of the oven for the production of pizza and bread, the two most popular products among Italians and not only them, is crucial to the end result. Depending on the processing and type of pizza or bread to produce our company is able to offer the best equipment. Our customers have the possibility of relying on our choice of equipment such as the best pizza ovens, bread proofers and other machines selected by us.

We have more than 40 years of experience in providing custom-made turnkey solutions for baking bread – loaf, ciabatta, baguette, pretzel, etc., pizza and other baked goods.

We strive to supply to our customers a perfect tool to bake products with high production volumes and quality.

To foster growth by continuous improvement, hard work, focused investments and attention to our customers' needs.
To be recognized by our clients as a preferred supplier by improving the industry state-of-the-art,
with an ambition to shape the future of industrial baking.



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