Stoneplate tunnel oven for premium bread

This is a stone-plate oven designed for baking premium breads such as baguette and ciabatta. Besides the oven, the project includes the system of product transportation. To transport product from proofing boards to stone belt for baking Alitech provides a system of conveyors.

Firstly, the boards are manually positioned on a cross-roller conveyor, that feeds the line. A lug-chain loading conveyor (2 lugs per board) then pushes the boards in the direction of the oven infeed, towards a stripping conveyor nose. Here, with the help of the upper motorized belt, the product is taken from boards and transported to an intermediate conveyor, while empty boards are moved out of the line by a cross-conveyor, in order to be taken back to the dough loading area. From the intermediate conveyor the product is transported to the oven loader – a wire-mesh band which runs at the same speed as the oven stone belt and feeds it with the products. A software allows to reduce gaps between one product pattern and the following , changing the relative speeds of stripping conveyor, intermediate conveyor and oven loader.

Where needed, modules of the conveying system are equipped with wheels, to enable its easy moving for maintenance purposes.

The cyclothermic tunnel oven of 3 meters width and 18 meters length is equipped with one burner and one blower. The operating panel contains a graphic view of the oven that displays: status of the oven (motors on/off, temperature, speed); active recipes and recipes management; programmed maintenance, etc. Among automatic tools of the oven there are: a motorized rotating brush installed at the oven outfeed under the stone belt return which cleans the stones surface; an oiling device for chain lubrication.

At the oven exit, the final product is transferred from baking surface to an outfeed intermediate conveyor by means of a rotating star mechanism and a motorized roller belt and slides down on an inclined metal chute, landing on the surface of another conveyor.